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Sad no more!

They have been trying but Ken is busy enjoying his retirement.  If you think about it I’d say archiving this stuff is more OUR job anyway – we’re supposed to be the rabid fans here!  Speaking of which, has the guy that was supposed to be stalking the Williams’ on their boat reported back in yet?  I want to know if Chris Williams still wears that pith helmet from that issue of InterAction in the early 90s! 

I am just burning off frustration and spare time after getting passed over for a promotion at work (typical corporate America:  Good point – Makes quick decisions, Negative point – Tends to decide things too quickly.  I am SO not kidding…..). 

I hope Sierra Gamers will shamelessly take anything and everything from the site (as well as the rest of you too) and do with it whatever they want.  I have a super secret agenda in doing all of this (we’ll call it Project X and it isn’t a big xylophone) but that may or may not ever come to fruition.  In the immediate future I’d just like to see this stuff get scanned and maybe spur a few of you to fill in the holes by scanning a thing or two no one else has good clean copies of (while ignoring that durned “watermark” function in Photoshop)!