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Just wanted to say: keep up the good work!

The ideas thrown around in this topic all sound really good. Like mentioned in this thread, the thing I really miss on this site is a centralized ‘Sierra database’. There already is a lot of cool stuff to be downloaded, like music and some video’s but ‘we’ need maybe something like the Gamespot pages.

A link to a game homepage with all information about the game on one page. This could include all the stuff that Ken mentioned like, demos, videos, interviews (video, audio), music files, player reviews and walkthrus, player ratings, box and manual scans, game patches, the whole works!

Sounds ambitious and a lot of work (and it probably is) but if the database and ‘front office’ is done, the fans can be made responsible for the content. The administrators only task would be to ‘admin’ the content. In addition, I might also be a good idea to start an inventory of stuff that people have and are willing to upload so that the workload can be spread.

We actually have the mentioned system in the form of our Sierra Gamers forum but it might be more managaeble if it is transformed into more of a kind of Wiki setup.

I don’t know if that’s possible with TalkSpot or if it even is the direction you’re looking for but it’s just an idea Smiley