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I just wanted to post and say, congrats to JT. 🙂

Also, I 100% agree with the sentiments of Ken Williams, well said Ken. Really well said.

Two points on what Ken said:

[quote]Some of this is already being done, and some of it doesn’t merit being done. Because this is all “charity” work, with no potential for income, the only reason for doing something is because it seems fun to do. Thus, I guess the answer is that the person doing the work should decide what they think is cool and fun, and that they are passionate about – and do that. If it feels like work, don’t do it. If you are having fun do more of it, and if you aren’t, do something else…[/quote]
I call this ‘the endless dilemma of whether I continue Sierra Music Central or not’. 😉

But at the end of the day, silly rants/questions like the one I made to/at Ken earlier in this year is the minority of how I feel (as is indifference for that matter)- overwhelmingly I still feel passionate about Sierra games and their music, and Ken and Roberta’s legacy, despite what idiotic stuff I say from time to time.

I also find your comments on making money out of Sierra’s legacy (through SierraGamers) interesting- I get the feeling despite your words you DO have some ideas, somewhere in that genius steel trap of a mind. 🙂


  • Try to think of interesting things to post from time to time on the message boards, to facilitate discussion and keep people involved and talking.
  • Try to think of interesting lists to put on the site[/quote]
    As someone who runs a Sierra site and also runs 2 Sierra message boards (as well as frequenting almost all of them), I want to warn JT Harkey that it’s really not that easy. Hardest thing I always come up with is- what if people simply aren’t interested and don’t reply- you can’t make people participate. Still not sure what the answer is. Are you interested in being a creative consultant for Sierra sites, Ken? 😉
  • [quote]

  • Links to interesting sierra-related sites
  • Links to sites of ex-Sierra people
  • Links to the most “interesting” threads on the message board
  • Links to sites for games that people who liked Sierra’s games might like
  • Links to sites where sierra’s older games can be downloaded
  • Links to the handiest message board threads telling how to run old games on modern computers[/quote]
    Very, very cool. I really like these ideas!
  • Once again, it’s super (god I sound corny) to see you take such an interest, Ken. I’m totally inspired! I hope you continue your deep level of interest in Sierra, although you again differ from this with the words ‘I’m not much of a nostalgic man’. I’ll be honest, I don’t think that’s exactly true. You don’t have much Sierra nostalgia, or don’t care for it?

    Anyway, I’m all for the SierraGamers revamp, sounds wonderful (the forums are near-dead let’s be honest). Keep things rolling guys.

    – Alistair

    P.S. What IS the InterAction Mag project status?