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Greetings JT…

Perhaps Brandon can jump in and add some ideas, but here are the kinds of things I’d do if I had the time:

  • Try to think of interesting things to post from time to time on the message boards, to facilitate discussion and keep people involved and talking.
  • Try to think of interesting lists to put on the site

  • Links to interesting sierra-related sites
  • Links to sites of ex-Sierra people
  • Links to the most “interesting” threads on the message board
  • Links to sites for games that people who liked Sierra’s games might like
  • Links to sites where sierra’s older games can be downloaded
  • Links to the handiest message board threads telling how to run old games on modern computers

  • Put any interesting content that can be found
    • Screen shots
    • Game hints
    • Timelines of game  releases
    • Demos
    • Games (to the extent we can)
    • Scanned manuals
    • Scanned copies of Interaction
    • Scanned copies of ads

  • Start and email mailing list, in addition to the online message board
  • Create an area with downloadable fan fiction and art
  • Start a section with old news clippings and press articles
  • Some of this is already being done, and some of it doesn’t merit being done. Because this is all “charity” work, with no potential for income, the only reason for doing something is because it seems fun to do. Thus, I guess the answer is that the person doing the work should decide what they think is cool and fun, and that they are passionate about – and do that. If it feels like work, don’t do it. If you are having fun do more of it, and if you aren’t, do something else…

    Like I said, working on a site can be a blast. I put a lot of energy into my site, and enjoy every minute of it. If I had free time, I’d put effort into this site, to help it realize it’s potential. Unfortunately, I’m on overload, and can’t do everything.

    If you are still interested, build a little site with — and, watch some of the videos, just to see what is possible, and how hard it is. My guess is you’ll find a lot is possible, and it’s really easy.

    -Ken W

    PS Actually .. I do think that the right person, with the right ideas, could find ways to make a few bucks off of this site. I don’t have any particular ideas, but I’m confident they are out there.