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Normally I’d agree with you .. but, the problem in this particular case is that I think we could use at least one more highly passionate administrator.

I think both Brandon and I have good intentions, but I don’t think either of us would tell you that we’ve done a great job of administrating the site. It’s something that is incredibly fun and rewarding if you take the time to do it right — but, it takes time, and if you don’t have spare time — it isn’t going to work.

My long-term distraction is Talkspot and Boating. Each are a full-time job. Plus there’s retirement, which is also a full-time job (lots of neighbors who are always saying “Let’s golf!”.  I’m not sure what Brandon is up to, but my recollection is that he is a full-time student, and studying hard.

So… my post was a subtle way of encouraging someone to step forward and offer to help.

-Ken W