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I don’t think it is needed to give “admin rights” to the site to other persons, to add some basic material, as was mentioned in the postings below. I sure there are members that are willing to invest some time and supply the administrator(s) with material. The administrator(s) have to create a format of course, and the “helping hands” can deliver the content. It isn’t such a big job, I mean adding some basic material (such as a pretty complete link of fan sites, a growing archive of cover scans, or a demo archive etc.). Making a list of of Sierra fan sites (names, urls and perhaps a short description) can be done in half a day, and the administrators can edit the cool links page in a quarter of an hour or less. More time of course is needed to create a format for box scans. A contributor system like MobyGames has (with uploading and approval) is perhaps too complicated, but a simple preliminary format is possible, e.g. just adding box after box in categories (thumbnails and big pop-ups) one after another and making it alphabetical or more elaborated when a category is completed. When the format is done, the administrator(s) can ask the members to scan the boxes they have for the different categories (adventure game, action game) etc. I am sure many of us will try to help.