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Brandon, glad to read that you would also like to see an archive website and a centralized site that connects them all. That should be this site of course. There are obvious reasons not to make it a separate site; in fact I just quoted one of your arguments. I understand from Ken’s mail that Ken’s software can handle it, so there is no technical problem. And even it wouldn’t suffice I would still use the same domain (, with a separate directory and other software.
As you say there are a lot of great Sierra sites out there. I still wonder why only a very small number of sites was added. (note Ugarte and the Inventory are long gone).
Again, it is easy to figure out various sound reasons to add those sites (centralize, so easy to access and use; motivate fans; cooperation between fans and this site etc.). There’s hardly anything against it. It’s an very easy job, and if you want to distinguish some key sites, just add the other to a last category (other links).
I did read your explanation about the TSA team. Are you sure that TSA team is still walking around on this planet? If the person your refer too is the same person that writes old game reviews for an adventure game site, I guess he is at least, but I fear his priorities have changed. If nothing has happened after several years, I guess the time has come to consider alternatives. Not waiting till the project is finished, but split it up in say ten parts, with a time line, and a dead line for the first part, say by August. Or otherwise use the potential in the forums here. As said I am sure some are willing to help to create a basic archive.

PS: The Phantasmagoria site is included in the posting with the links below. Here it is again:
But again, I hope you will include all Sierra related sites. Gladly willing to spent an afternoon to send you a list with names and urls, and if wanted a short description.