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There was once a site called The Sierra Archives, founded by Jouke Koning. It was then taken over by Martijn van Es and his team. When Ken started SierraGamers, it was decided to integrate TSA into SierraGamers. Martijn continued work on the site, and I started re-formatting TSA to improve it while keeping the current design and features.

There was then discussion of completely re-doing the site from scratch as a database site, which would allow for basically a zillion and one very cool features. This never got past a conceptual stage, due to how much work it was.

While “big projects” are in progress, I agree that it would be great to have an archive website. It doesn’t need to be fancy or a huge database – though of course, that would be nice. It just needs to get the job done. There are already lots of great Sierra fan sites out there. What is needed is a centralized site that connects them all.

I would propose to resurrect TSA site as a separate site from SierraGamers. SierraGamers would be the message board portion, and TSA would be the content portion. SierraGamers would link to TSA, and TSA would link back to SierraGamers. I will not be looking for web developers, as I will handle the design and updates for simplicity and consistency. But I will welcome submissions of content and I will make updates regularly. The reason I suggest to make TSA a separate site is that I can host it on my own server, which has plenty of bandwidth and storage space, which again allows me to do a very easy job of it.

I would like your opinion on a domain name for the site.

I will be in contact with all original members of the TSA team.

I do not want to let you guys down with more promises of content and work that doesn’t happen. That is why I’m suggesting this format, because I know I can get it done, while anyone will be free to contribute. Please let me know your thoughts, and I will proceed.