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The idea of making a dvd is great of course. Yet I do believe it would be better as some of the stuff would be uploaded here. This site can be more than a community where where fans discuss Sierra topics, but also where they can find some (basic) info. An example are the “Cool Sierra links.” Other examples are a list of Sierra games or covers of Sierra games, as was mentioned in the other thread. A reason to do so is that some people who are looking for information won’t have dvd, and propably people who do have the dvd (when it is ready) still want to check things here, for it is more easily that loading a dvd. Moreover, it would attract new visitors.

Btw, as far as the “Cool sierra links” is concerned, the link “to submit and discuss links here” doesn’t work. Perhaps this is the reason it is a bit outdated. Below a few links that I have saved in my favorites, but there are many more.