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A few things came up in this thread, and in the Sierra YouTube thread. I’ll address both here.

The project is still being worked on. As to why we chose originally to not release each one as they were being done, the reason is that we wanted to make a nice and proper collection that you could have in a DVD case on your shelf, not just something you download to your hard drive. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any of the master data in this case, as this project is being worked on by another party. It is something I am attempting to get back on track.

As for the general status of the archives, as brought up in the YouTube thread… Things such as scans of the boxes, etc., are all being worked on, as well as a ton of behind the scenes stuff. It is being worked on by only a small number of people because we are doing things such as having many things professionally drum scanned, as well as creating ridiculously high master copy scans of things. Plus, we all have full-time jobs, and are working on the master archiving only in our free time.

It is a trade-off between either having stuff appear on this website now, or doing the job properly and creating a really high quality product in the end. I think if there are people who want to scan things and post them here on this website, by all means, go ahead. I’ll do my best to stay in touch with what’s happening here, and help with organizing anything that is submitted.