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(re: InterAction Magazines) We don’t have any scanned right now – save one issue Brad did as a test run (though his link no longer seems to work – I can re-upload it if need be), and 2 that I’ve scanned but haven’t processed yet.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Brad on what his status is and the guy he was working with to accomplish the project. If we don’t hear back from Brad, we might have to go back to the plan of having anyone who wants to help just go ahead and scan an issue. We’d likely have big differences in quality, but at least more would be seen. So I think we’ll wait a bit more to give Brad a chance to respond, and if there’s no response I’ll re-organize things.

Do you happen to have any duplicate issues? As I mentioned previously, I have a number of holes in my collection, and I also think some of these mags are only best scanned by taking them apart (because they’re so thick), for which I need duplicates.