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(re: Inter action magazines) Someone was getting bids to have them professionally scanned, but I haven’t heard anything on the project for months now.

Ah, I thought the last update was that it had been approved and that scanning *had* started. Guess not then! Well, I’ve emailed Brad, hopefully we’ll get a new update soon.

(I’d work on scanning the magazines – it’s just that I would want scanning copies, and not my own personal copies (which is not a complete collection anyway) – the best way to scan a magazine is to take it apart, and I don’t want to take my own apart – I’m not sure what Brad and Robert were doing)

I do have another issue fully scanned I believe, other than the test issue that is already posted here. I’ll check out what specs Brad used for the test issue, and then I’ll see about getting the issue I scanned up. Give me a bit of time, because my monitor recently died and I’m stuck with an old one that I can’t do graphics work on. I’m going to see if I can get another cheap free one in the next week or so (my brother works at a thrift store where they have old monitors that they don’t really sell).

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