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(re: So WHO WAS John Magpie anyway??) Is there anywhere online I could read an issue of InterAction?

That’s what we’re trying to do here, get the whole collection online for reading. Brad hasn’t updated us for a bit though. Somewhere in all the mess of this message board you’ll find a sample issue that was finished, one of the early ones before the mag got the title InterAction.

I’ll have to make a sub-forum here to put all the old discussion regarding creating downloadable copies, so that this can remain a place where discussion about the mag itself can happen. I’ll also put a notice at the top of this forum that indicates the status of the project for easy reference without digging through all the threads here. Hopefully Brad will notice this and drop in with a comment as to the current status. If not, I’ll email him.

Brandon Klassen, archivist ~ admin / dev team ~