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(re: re: re: re: Kinko’s scanning) Brad (and anyone else thinking of this scanning deal),
That’s a lot of work…perhaps if some of all of us worked together on it? I’m willing to offer my help, though I don’t know how much help I can be; I’m not sure I have enough of the right equipment or experience available. What I do have is this: the scanner in my Lexmark X75 color printer/scanner/copier (I know it’s capable of scanning at least 300dpi–I’ve been doing some of my game manuals to get some physical storage space back) and Adobe Acrobat 5.0. I know all of you have been kicking around Photoshop and some others, and I’m not sure how Acrobat matches up to that, so, like I said, I don’t know if I’d be of help. I’m just now self-teaching scanning and related topics (though I taught myself most everything else I know about computers). I also realize that some of my idea is predicated upon others sending their Interactions to me (I was, well, not financially capable of getting most of Sierra’s products from the “good old days” and so never really qualified for Interaction except for rare occasions so I don’t have any copies), and they are collectors items. I’d understand if no one is interested in this idea (having just named the single biggest reason why no one should be interested ;P).
Anyway, the offer is there, at least. Let me know if I could be of help (and if I can’t, that’s ok, too–I don’t offend easily). Cause, let’s face it–even ten grand is a whole lotta money.