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(re: re: re: re: Interaction+ Project (Scanner Update)) Ken,
I am all for making the CD’s for everyone, I called Kinkos a few weeks ago, when you first suggested picking up the bill for it – the person that does archiving at Kinko’s was not in at the time, but the lady that told me to call back when she was going to be back in told me, that there was a minimum of $250 for that type of custom work.
Personally I do not think that a third party company without an interest in Sierra’s history is going to take the care of making sure they are preserved correctly (i.e. color correction, scratch/blemish removal/ etc etc) than fans on this board like Brandon Klassen, and myself just to name two of the many on here.
I think the hardest part, is going to be able to round up those missing issues – I want to make this disc, but I want to make it complete – I am hoping that you Ken, are going to have the issues that we are missing (hopefully). Have you been able to find any of the older ones, and answer the questions we’ve had – also on the same note – any luck on rounding up some videos that I can start archiving – that project is a high priority on my list. Have you submitted anything to the Smithsonian Institute about getting copies of that interview without timecode burned in? Anything I can do to help you expidite that that you can think of?
I’ll give Kinko’s a ring again, and see what exact price I can get, and try to judge their quality level – according to the lady I spoke with back when, that location in Dallas here was the only location that did archiving locally, the next closest place as Oklahoma.
Just lemme know Ken, thanks.