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(re: Interaction Magazine Poll) Brandon,
It’s the most time consuming of all the answers, but one that I feel (as a Sierra Historian myself) that if you are going to dedicate the time to scanning all of them in, I would reproduce them exactly – that means EVERYTHING from Front Cover to Back Cover. I would also scan them in at a high enough resolution where they could be reproduced (ie color laser printer) should in the event that all of the magazines in the world were to self-destruct (heaven forbid – I would lapse into a coma) we could print out “reprints”.
As far as the ones you PDF (or DejaVu if I remember correctly from and place on the web I would post scaled down versions (screen res) and have the high-res ones on CD for requests. Out of the magazine list that you Email me.. I have all of those except for two of them, and have about 20 others or so that aren’t even on the list. I need to work with you to get these scanned in. I have so many things in my collection that I want to archive at Super High Quality.. just not enough time. Still have some holes I am looking to fill, in order to launch a full-fledged walk down memory lane.. if anyone else out there would like to donate to the physical museum, and future projects (email me for details) please let me know!!! Any and all Sierra items accepted =)