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(re: InterAction Mag.) As I mentioned earlier: today, I spent the day digging through our mini-storage unit to see what old Sierra “stuff” I had.
Well… it was a day of good and bad news. I found lots of old products, a bunch of pictures of the Sierra staff, copies of Interaction Magazine, press clippings, and tons of my old correspondence.
I wanted to find old game design documents, but they weren’t to be found. The design teams themselves had these. Roberta has her old designs, and I’ll post those here as I get them scanned. But, I had nothing from the other projects.
There was some amazing correspondence I’ll post here if I can. Much of this is covered by secrecy agreements, which hopefully have expired. I have copies of correspondence with MANY industry legends – even Bill Gates himself.
It was a fun day, reliving Sierra’s history. I have a huge pile of stuff – far more than I have time to sort through or scan. I’m not sure what the next step is, but at least now I know what I have, and can start building an action plan to put it here.
-Ken W