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(re: re: re: re: Kinko’s scanning) Some BIG numbers there 🙂 I’d agree that the ‘master’ scan resolution should be as stated – an uncompressed 300dpi image. This should be used as the source for ‘corrections’, after which the image may be compressed (preferably losslessly) and archived to the media (CD/DVD).
We’ve a couple of choices when it comes to storage…. My initial thoughts concerning image size were to store the images compressed (ZIP like) per issue on the media. These would be unpacked by the menu system into a simple ‘book reader viewer’. The book reader would have facilities to export the uncompressed version, printing, etc.
Obviously the above would need some code writing and there would need to be some debate about what platforms it should support! I’d want to limit my involvement (should anyone want me to do anything!) to a Windows platform.