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(re: re: re: Kinko’s scanning) Ok, for all parties interested, sit down and get ready for some numbers.
I contacted Kinko’s earlier this week – spoke to a really nice fellow – names Robert. I told Robert the following:
Archiving project – magazines
About 50 magazines, 50 pages each (2500 pages)
Historical stuff – need to be real careful
He explained to me that kinko’s normally works with loose leaf paper (like legal documents) for scanning. This particular job would require hand placement (they ain’t cutting up my mags!), since they could not feed it through a document feeder. This particular Kinko’s was the only on that would even consider the job – the other one I called said no way. Anyway here is the breakdown he gave me that the managers said they would do only cause it was high volume, (although I fail to see the discount) I guess it all boils down to the fact that they dont want to do it :
$9.95 per page (normally $15 for hand placement) 300dpi color scans
$90/hr for any descreening, color correction, blemish removal
$15 for “Setup” on each CD burned PLUS
$15 for each CD to acutally burn and label it.
I’ll do some REALLY rough math, and throw out around $30,000 for Kinko’s to do it. Any buyers? That’s what I thought. I asked how much those legal documents (loose paper) cost, and he said around $5 per.
Robert did inform me though, that he does do other printing work/document work on the side, and could quote me a much better price. He called me back in a few days and gave me his low-down as follows :
$4.00 per page
That includes descreening, color correction (for yellowing pages), blemish removal, and 300 dpi images burned on a CD-ROM, firewire drive, or whatever we wanted. He also said he would do some tests up front to show us his work. I asked about insurance on the magazines.. he is covered.
Ken, we are still looking at $10,000 even at the reduced rate. I am pretty positive that there are around 50 magazines – I own around 35 of them, and if you fill in the blanks (with a few unknowns) you get around 50. The earlier mags have around 30 pages, the later ones around 65. So I think 2,500 pages is a good estimate.
For this project, I personally want 300dpi, 8.5×11, 24bit, UNCOMPRESSED images. I want these archived perfectly. If you do the math with those numbers you get the following :
25,245,000 bytes per image (24,653K)
2500 pages = 58.7GB
27 pages per CD-R ///// would take 93 CD’s
178 pages per DVD-R ///// would take 15 DVD’s

300dpi scans saved at low JPG resolution look great. Around 500k page = 25MB per issue. I printed some tests out on a HP Color Laser printer – looked great. 50 issues would be 2 CD’s worth.. and essentially anyone could print out a “magazine” on a nice printer. Further testing is needed to find the optimum trade off’s but that is what I have found so far.
Photoshop files use a lossless compression, and store a theortical 25,245,000 byte file depending on the complexity around 15MB. So you you could save potentially around 40% in storage space.
If I was to scan 20 pages a night it would take me around 125 days to scan them. Ok, I am through with the numbers for now – I can keep breaking it down a billion ways. Basically I just wanted to get the numbers from Kinko’s in front of you Ken. Robert said he could have them done in 3 weeks.
This is going to be a worthwhile project folks, and not JUST the magazine archiving. I am organizing some online stuff, to officially kick off the project – and get those who REALLY want to be involved : involved. So stay tuned.
Talk to you all later.