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(re: Finding / buying old InterActions) Hmmm… got me — I have no idea. My recollection is that we always published Interaction, but maybe not. We almost bankrupted at some point – but, I don’t remember when. We may have stopped doing interaction for a few years during this timeframe. We’ll see what people come up with. Now, I’m curious.

-Ken W


Well, I hope you can find out and/or remember.. this question has actually bugged me for years. Here is the Chronology as I know it :

Sierra Newsletter (Beginning) – Vol 2 No 1 Spring 89
Sierra News Magazine Vol 2 No 2 Summer 89 – Vol 4 No 2 Spring 91
Sierra/Dynamix News Magazine Vol 4 No 3 Summer 1991 ONLY
Interaction Magzine (stopped Vol/No count) Fall 1991 – R.I.P.

My Summer of 1997 Issue shows a title/font treatment change from how the old Interaction Title used to be on the front cover, but that could have happend at the beginning of the year with the Spring 1997 issue.