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(re: Finding / buying old InterActions) I used to have almost every mag. from Interaction. I got a free sub with every Sierra game I bought and since I owned every Sierra game for the longest time, I had a lot of mags. The unfortunate thing is that when I moved into my new house, all of my old mags got ruined by a water pipe burst (what a mess it was). Anyhow, I had trouble convincing the the insurance guy of the collectible value of these mags. He didn’t get it. I did however, get $400 for my ruined CM-64 Sound Module. I do still have a few collectables. I have some letters that were written to me from people at the company and a couple of promo items I picked up in the years. I’ll see what I can dig up when I get around to cleaning my basement. I would love to see some scanned mags and read some of the articles that I loved so much.