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(re: Finding / buying old InterActions) Hey all,

I used to have a lot of old Interaction/newsletter magazines but have no clue as to where they ended up. I think your current scanning project is an awesome idea, but I was wondering if there was a place where I could buy any of the issues. I’ve checked ebay several times but have yet to see them on there. I believe you are still looking for more issues too, I will get in contact with my dad because he may have some of the old ones. I will keep you posted.



I hope you can find them – every bit helps. I think between Brandon and I scanning, and restoring each mag, we should be able to get this project moving. They show up on Ebay every now and then – but it’s pretty darn rare, and it’s usually the more recent ones that show up. What I am worried about is the gap between the 1981 Cranston Manor issue, and the one I have in 1987. I am hoping that they took a break in between, because in my years of Sierra collecting I haven’t seen stitch of information on anything magazine-wise published 1982-1986 I think we are going to have to rely on Ken for the answers to that one. Keep hunting James!


Hmmm… got me — I have no idea. My recollection is that we always published Interaction, but maybe not. We almost bankrupted at some point – but, I don’t remember when. We may have stopped doing interaction for a few years during this timeframe. We’ll see what people come up with. Now, I’m curious.

-Ken W