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(re: List of who has which magazines) Brad:
The summer 96 issue of InterAction I have has Randy Johnson on the cover.
We did multiple different covers on several occasions. Here’s why: Authors would get really upset if someone elses product got the cover of InterAction. Part of my job was to keep everyone happy, motivated, and building product. If we had two hot products at the same time, we would print half the magazines with one product on the cover, and the other half with a different product on the cover.
My holiday 98 issue has three race cars on the cover.
The vol1 # 1 is as you described it.
The Spring 1988 Vol 3 issue I have is labeled “Sierra Newsletter” and is black and white. It’s about a 24 page newsletter.
The buyers guide is just a catalog.
The Education stuff was a different newsletter we did just focused on education.
I think I now remember that the Mad magazine has some Sierra stuff in it.
Here’s something fun: one of the contracts I found today was with Disney, for a Leisure-Suit Larry film. Disney licensed the film rights, and for a while, there were rumors Jim Carey would be Larry, but nothing ever came of it. I’ve tried for years to get the film rights to Larry, and will hopefully get them someday.
-Ken W