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(re: re: InterAction Mag.)


At first glance it looks like you have Spring 1998 which in all my searching I have not come across anyone that has that magazine.. so hold on to that one. =)

Check the :
Summer 96 Baseball
Holiday 98 Racing

Can you give me a better idea of what is on the front cover?
My Summer 96 shows a picture of Lighthouse, and has “Lighthouse” written big across the bottom. It does mention Baseball ’96 on the cover though – but thought maybe you had an alternate cover.

My Holiday 1998 is blatantly Kings Quest VIII : MOE graphics on front, but it does make a reference to Racing, but is very secondary. Anyway if you can clarify on those two.

I know of one guy who has the Vol 1#1 newsletter, but it would probably be easier to get it scanned from you. It’s the one with Cranston Manor and the little armour guy right?

The one you have listed as “Vol 3 KQ3 ships for Apple” did you mean Vol 1 #3? And you are for sure that it is Spring 1988? It would seem like #3 would be 3rd Quarter, or Fall.

Is the Sierra Buyers guide 1996 more of a catalog or a magazine?

As far as Kids Bytes, and Mad Magazine. Not quite sure. The only thing I can think of is that I think there is a Leisure Suit Larry reference in one of the MAD cartoons.. if my memory serves me correctly. I’ll have to dig through my stuff, and see if I have that one too. I’ll only assume that there is some Sierra nugget in the Kids bytes / Brightstar.

Anyway those were just a few questions I had. Keep me posted.