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(re: Interaction Magazine List) Brandon and Frans,
Here is my list of Sierra magzines. Brandon, it looks like your Spring and Fall of 97 are ones that I “need” to work towards making a complete collection. Once you lock down a formula for scanning/compressing/archiving the magazines, I will follow your lead, and begin scanning my copies as well for the archives. If you, or anyone else would like to sell/trade any Sierra Pulications with me please let your offers be known – I’m anxious to fill in the holes (about 15 I guesstimate) Ken can you help us with the history of the newsletter? Particularly around the 1981 Time Period – I know there is a newsletter with Cranston Manor on Front, and I have no idea what falls before that, and between the SN Vol 1 No 2 that I have – was the Cranston Manor Vol 1 No 1?
I am also assuming that there is a Vol 1 No 3, and am not quite sure about Vol 2 No 3 and No 4, since we go from Spring 1989 to Autumn 1989 without a summer. Another question – There are two Volume 3 No 1 magazines… they have different content in them, which makes them different than Holiday 95 and 96 which have the same content just alternate covers – I can’t remember why this was – was one a mailed copy and the other the ones that appeared in the magazine rack? It would be great if everyone could check their collections against what I have here, and note any other Alternate covers, so we can be sure to scan those as well. I want to piece together a complete computer list, that is historcially correct, so any acurate information that can be given would be awesome.
As a side note – I have many of the original mailings that Sierra had, promoting special offers and such back in the day. They are kinda fun to look at, and I plan on scanning those as well, should there be an interest for that in the community.
Sierra Newsletter Vol 1 No 2 1987 Newspaper format / Hellicopter Simulator
Sierra Newsletter Vol 1 No 4 Winter 1988 KQ4 / (2copies)
Sierra Newsletter Vol 2 No 1 Spring 1989 Sierra Mountains / 5 games on cover
Sierra Newsletter Vol 2 No 2 Autumn 1989 Roberta in Chair (2 copies)
The Sierra News Magazine Vol 3 No 1 Spring 1990 10th Anniversary Issue
The Sierra News Magazine Vol 3 No 1 Spring 1990 Cristy Marx Cover (4 copies, 1 autographed)
The Sierra News Magazine Vol 3 No 3 Fall 1990 Christmas Tree and Kids
The Sierra News Magazine Vol 4 No 1 Spring 1991 Jack in the Box, 2 Guys from Andromeda (2 Copies)
Sierra/Dynamix News Magazine Vol 4 No 2 Summer 1991 Jim Walls with various game hero line-up (3 Copies)
Interaction Fall 1991 Kid opening Big Box. Premiere Issue
Interaction Spring 1992 Dagger of Amon Ra Casket & Hand (2 copies)
Interaction Summer 1992 Sneek Peek Fall ’92
Interaction Fall 1992 Kings Quest IV Hole in the Wall
Interaction Winter 1992 Computer Football (Santa Player)
Interaction Spring 1993 Space Quest V Android
Interaction Summer 1993 Betrayal at Krondor
Interaction Holiday 1993 Santa in Sled with Games
Interaction Spring 1994 Gabriel Knight Cover
Interaction Holiday 1994 King’s Quest VII Tornado (2 copies)
Interaction Spring 1995 Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
Interaction Fall 1995 Space Quest 6
Interaction Holiday 1995 Torins Passage Worlds
Interaction Holiday 1995 *Alternate* Gabriel Knight The Beast Within (3 copies)
Interaction Spring 1996 Earthsiege 2 (2 copies)
Interaction Summer 1996 Lighthouse
Interaction Fall 1996 Bobby Labonate : Nascar Racing
Interaction Holiday 1996 3D Golf Cover
Interaction Holiday 1996 *Alternate* RAMA cover
Interaction Summer 1997 Betrayal in Antara
Interaction Holiday 1997 Lords of Magic
Interaction Summer 1998 Half Life (CompUSA extra cover)
Interaction Fall 1998 Starsiege (2 issues)
Interaction Holiday 1998 KQ VIII Mask of Eternity
Interaction Spring 1999 Homeworld (3 issues)