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(re: Interaction Magazine Poll) Brandon,
I think this is a great idea. I agree with those who say that the first scans should be, for archival purposes, complete and carefully done. I would definitely pay to have these “big versions” on CD. For purposes of getting them down to 10 mega for inclusion in the site, non-sierra related pages could be removed, and two pages per pdf page could be adopted…
Furthermore – I have a few issues of Interaction (Fall 199, Summer 1992, Fall 1992, Fall 1994, Spring 1995, Fall 1995, Holiday 1995, Fall 1996 and Holiday 1996). Some are missing a few pages and stuff, but I would love to contribute in any way possible to this archiving.
I loved Interaction Magazine when I was a kid… The games, the writing style, the ads… Interaction IS Sierra… And by God, it was great…