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Berkley Systems (1997, casual gaming)
Books That Work (1997, home productivity)
Headgate (1997, golf software)
PyroTechnix (1997, games)
Throughout the years, the core Sierra group has been known as:
“On-Line Systems” (79-81/82?)
“Sierra On-Line” (81/82?-88/89?)
“Sierra On-Line, Inc.” (88/89?-02)
“Sierra Entertainment, Inc.” (02-)
And the logos that have appeared on Sierra boxes are:
“On-Line Systems”
“Sierra On-Line (version 1)”
“Sierra (version 2, classic)”
“Dynamix, part of the Sierra Family”
“Sierra (version 3)”
“Sierra (version 4, without Half-Dome)”
“Sierra Attractions”
“Sierra Home”
“Sierra Sports”
“Sierra Studios”
“Dynamix, a Sierra Company”
“Sierra FX”
“Sierra (version 5)”
In addition to this I suppose some of the other subsidiaries have used their own logo with references to their owner like Dynamix did. For instance, I guess there could have been a “Coktel Vision, part of the Sierra Family” logo.