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(re: What did Sierra do first?) > When I said 3D, I meant how Graham could go behind or in
> front of other objects and I don’t know the right term
> for it, but they used to call it 3D.

Well, I think Sierra indeed invented this kind of adventure game graphics presentation (which is 2.5D as I said earlier) which I think suits the genre very well, even to this day with Syberia (which uses 3D environments rendered to 2D, with 3D characters).

BTW, anyone knows who came up in the first place with this idea of a character walking/swimming/climbing on the screen at Sierra?

> And when I said “Use Speakers”, I meant that it was the
> first game where you could use speakers instead of the
> one inside of the PC tower that had horrible sound.

So that’s what I thought. And there were earlier games. But maybe King’s Quest IV was the first game to include a musical score composed by a professional musician coming from outside the gaming industry? Anyone knows about this?