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(re: INN Screenshots) Anyone know how long INN was around and how many members there were?

My recollection is that we were around 15,000 subscribers at the high point. This is not bad in a time when modems were 2,400 baud, and no one had ever heard of the Internet! It’s hard to say how long INN was around … it was either six years, or six months depending on how you look at it. The first couple of years, were rocky … the product was still being invented, and blew up every few minutes. Then there was a period of time when it worked, but not much was there to do — and, then there was a period of time when it ROCKED, and everyone had a blast. During this time we collected a LOT of attention, and several big companies tried to invest. One of them, AT&T did invest (which is why it was renamed from TSN to INN), but unfortunately, shortly after the AT&T investment, bureaucracy crept in — INN stopped evolving, and ultimately died. In other words, it was around a long time — but, was only really awesome for a short period…. -Ken W