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Ahhh… TSN. I met my fiancee (soon to be wife) on there 12 years ago, and we’ve been a couple 10 our of those 12 years. I actually moved from NY to California for her. TSN was the best! I was on it from 1993 until 1996. Was such a shame when it turned into INN, as it seemed to become less fun after that =( I check often, but the project seems to be stuck. Unfortunately, I ended up in the technical side of IT, not the programming side… although I can do C++ and Java, just not very well 😉 Anybody ever find out whether AOL or whoever will care if it is resurrected? Oh, and Ken, I just wanted to thank you and your wife for all the Sierra games in the 80s… King’s Quest, Hero’s Quest (Still like that name better than QFG) and of course Space Quest! If it weren’t for those, I never would have found TSN, and wouldn’t have found my true love!

(I haven’t signed my name like that since TSN!)