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(Ken Photo – Summer 1996 Interaction) A great photo of Ken, as oft are found in the Interaction magazines. I’ll post some more of these. It’s a neat article, but one I don’t feel I’ll make into a PDF, or at least it would be low on my list of articles to do. So, I thought I should post the picture.
On a related note, I have a spare copy of this Interaction magazine. It’s the Summer 1996 issue. Unfortunately about half the first page has been cut out, but it’s just ads. On one side is Rama and on the other side is Urban Runner. Otherwhise the issue is in great condition, light corner wear and edge wear from reading, but nothing major, there is an address sticker on the back. No folds, no rips, no spills, no cigarette smell. One page of the Phantasmagoria 2 article page has a slight wrinkle in it but it is still very flat. The staples are holding strong. The cover story is Lighthouse and there’s also articles on QFG Anthology, LSL7, and Roberta Williams. I won’t sell it, I will only trade for issues of Interaction I’m missing. If you’re interested, email me. Ken, if for some reason you don’t have it and want it, it’s yours. By the way I will add all the good articles in PDF format eventually as well anyway. Sorry for this long spiel, I’ll remove it once I find someone to trade with!
Now check out the photo 🙂

149 kb).