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(Here’s my letter to the local newspaper asking that they run my goodbye letter) Morgan Voorhis February 24, 1999
Sierra Star


Here is my letter to the troops at Sierra. I know it is long, but it is important to me that it not be paraphrased. If you can’t run it as free editorial, let me know and I will pay to run it as an advertisement. I would also prefer it if you could read to me any quotes you attribute to me within your article. My reason for this is that I have been poorly paraphrased in the past by some journalists (not you), and in this case, I believe that Sierra’s former employees and even the city have gone through too much trauma to risk any accidental misquoting of anything I said, or even poor word selection on my part. I care deeply for these people, who worked their butts off for me – and I don’t want to be part of anything is counter-productive.

Thanks! – Ken Williams