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Unfortunately, I do not own the majority of these games. However, I have scoured the net looking at various sites such as Moby,, etc. for release dates for the games. On the games that I couldn’t find an online release date for, I kept searching and searching around eBay. If I saw an auction pop up with one of the games/software that I was unsure about, I emailed the seller and asked them to verify the date on the box. So, that’s how I have come to the list that you see before you. I was looking over it earlier tonight and discovered a couple of minute errors (spelling, alphabetical, etc.) I have fixed them and I have the new list attached to this message. Thanks for the welcome!

BTW, does anyone know a good site that I can find scanned boxes of some of Sierra’s older games? I downloaded the zipped file that Mr. Williams put up here in these forums, but it is not complete and I’d like to see some of the really old Sierra box art from games like Mouskattack, Bop-A-Bet, etc.

Thanks! Talk to you later!

Updated Sierra game list with small errors fixed.