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(re: re: List of Sierra Products) Josh,
Wow.. this is nice list you have. Are all the dates verified with actual printed dates on boxes? Or are some still heresay ? I have a couple of copies of Story Maker at home – I will check the date on the boxes for you… I want to say off the top of my head it is 1983. I have been wanting to compile a new list with dates, since that list of products that was posted here has been floating around on the inet for quite some time with holes – so great job on improving the list, and even adding the newer products! I will be going through alot of my older software soon (pre 1985) and will let you know if I find anything that differs from the list.
Ken might be able to pin point some of the programming software… that you still lack placing.
I haven’t counted – but do you know how many products are on your list?
Thanks for sharing this with us!