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(re: re: re: re: Ken: your personal collection of Sierra games)

Perhaps people could simple just post the list of games they own? I have boxed versions of the following Sierra products:
Conquests of Camelot, Codename: Iceman, Colonel’s Bequest, Even More Incredible Machine, Jones i/t Fast Lane, KQ1, KQ2, KQ3, KQ4, KQ5, KQ6, KQ7, KQ8, Last Dynasty, LSL1 EGA Remake, LSL2, LSL3, LSL5, LSL6, LSL7, MHNY, MHSF, PQ1, PQ2, Pro Pilot ’99, Hero’s Quest, QfG2, QfG3, QfG5, Rama, SQ1, SQ2, SQ3, SQ4, SQ5, SQ6, Thexder remake, KQ Collection, PQ Collection, SQ Collection

I’d be willing to make disk images for all of these.