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(re: re: re: Ken: your personal collection of Sierra games) Preserving the old games is important. I’d hate to think that ANY of our older products would just disappear because no one took the time to back them up. This happened in the film industry. There are many old films that will never be seen again because the prints were poorly preserved, or just not preserved.
That said…. I’m in overload mode. I mentioned in another post that fun keeps getting in the way of my spending time at my computer. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not ready to give up my geek-status, but I am starting to border on having a healthy relationship with my computer. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to get things back to normal at some point, but for now, finding time to rummage through my garage, and backup floppies isn’t happening. Hopefully, someone out there will pick up the slack.
I’ve always thought about opening a small museum that would showcase the old games; not just Sierra’s, but all of the old games. I may do this someday. Specifically, I’d like to do something in the tourist area of Seattle. I’d find old Apple II’s, Atari 800’s, etc and all the old games, and any old information I could find on the history of computer gaming. I doubt it would be a big success, but I bet it wouldn’t lose money either. We’ll see… it’s on my to-do list.
-Ken W