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Just to keep other people from having to squint at their monitors, here’s the text that goes along with the SeeError screenshots:

Paternity Suit Larry: Lounge Lizards IV
Larry’s caught with his pantw down this time — and the joys of fatherhood are hitting him where it hurts!
Now, our polyester-clad hero is a hunted man, chased by everyone from private investigators to process servers, from child custody case workers to his ex-girlfriend’s shotgun-toting father!
With the right kind of help, Larry might still shirk the responsibilities of parenthood — and find a good time along the way. Without it, this lounge lizard is one endangered species!
For adults of all ages only. [SeeError]

King’s Digest XIV: Perils of Mozzarella
The latest time-wasting interactive adventure in the King’s Digest series!
Can you help Princess Mozzarella and her sidekick Pepto rescue the Green Goddess from the evil Kitchen Magician? Or will you all be sliced, diced and cast into the Pit of Indigestion?
Sound far-fetched? You bet — but if reality was so great, you wouldn’t blow thirty bucks on a computer game anyway! Be warned, though — with 20 disks of endless options, a 700-page instruction manual and a cast of thousands, Perils of Mozzarella is a mouthfull — and not for the weak of stomach! [SeeError]