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Hi Ken:
You should consider a vacation here in Puerto Rico(in case you haven’t been here before)! It would be very nice to meet the best game making team in the short computer gaming history. I’m sure that you would like it over here. There is not much to say that hasn’t been said by many of the Sierra admirers but my sincerest Thanks for countless hours of joy your company brought (and still brings) to all of us. I got married two years ago and just finished building a computer able to play the OLD games. My wife never heard of them before (late starter) and now she will not let me play unless she’s present! She enjoys them even though she is not playing…but sometimes she grabs the mouse from my hand and continues the game. Roberta and you are still making fans even after you stopped making games. Too bad that here in Puerto Rico it was very hard to find those games for lack of good software stores ( i.e. I was never able to find the Roberta Williams Anthology to finally have the KQ series) The ones that I managed to find(LSL, SQ, PQ and a few others) are my most precious treasures. thanks you again and may you “live long and prosper”.