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(Additional Images) Jason,
Basically, aside from captures of posts, the stuff posted here is pretty much all I have.
As for AOL, well, the letter I posted from INN pretty much says it all. And like goof balls AOL didn’t do anything with it.
As for ownership, I no more own the images than I would the Lincoln Memorial if I took a snapshot of that. They’re merely “pictures” I took of a fun place I want to remember.
I’m glad you’re taking a shot at recreating the interface. Have you seen the M$ zone interface? Man, that’s just getting worse every day.
What’s always bothered me, is that I know (in my bones, so to speak) that some programmer somewhere has the a copy of the TSN / INN source in a box somewhere. I don’t care what all the lawyers say, if I had been there, I have some source squirled away. I’ve always been amazed that it didn’t start making the rounds at some point.
One other point — TSN / INN was primarily a client based network, in that the servers merely handled authentication, billing, bulletin boards and setting up IO between clients — much like ICQ operates. I think they said the original network started on four 386 computers. Not a whole lot of horsepower there. Anyway, the point — yes the point. If you start hammering away on the DOS client, you will get, IMHO, about 90% of TSN /INN, including all the graphics.
Best of Luck