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(Source of images) I got the pictures originally by using the screen capture utility in Wordperfect (I think version 5.2). The origianl images are in WPG format. I converted them for this site to JPEG.
There were a number of interesting DOS utilities at the time that allowed you to “multitask.” Well, sorta anyway. The utiltiy loaded into memory, you hit the hot key combo and a sequentially numbered file was produced. You could even select the portion of screen to capture. I used other similar “multitasking” utilities in my aforementioned nefarious activites.
Anyway, no, I haven’t recreated the service — those are all original images as they appeared at the time in 1996. I just keep shuffling the images from one computer to the next.
What’s funny is that at the time I was worried about how much space it was taking on my 200 and some odd MB drive.
Shortly after INN shut down I upgraded to a Cyrix 150+ (for Windows 95). Anyone remember those? Nice chip. But I have more images, mostly of the posts from the very last day. I took them because I realized it would all be lost once the service shut down, and I wanted to have a final record.
I will endeavor to convert them and post them at some point.