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(re: re: The Fun Seeker’s Guide) Josh,

I doubt this was ever released in a box. After all the only form of documentation about it that I have found (which is an excerpt from the readme.txt file on the Space Quest Collection CD I got it from; I’ve posted the excerpt in this thread; you probably didn’t read it) says it was some kind of a joke by one Doug Oldfield who was on the programming teams for Space Quest 3 and 4. This is something that I doubt would have sold just one copy. It’s nice to look at, but nothing to spend money on. To assume it ever having been released in a box makes me smile – no offense there. But boxes cost money (the whole production process does) and I doubt that anyone (even Ken, even with nice boxes bearing the Sierra logo) could have sold a lot of copies of FSG…

My guess is that it wasn’t ever released before being included in the Space Quest Collection. I suppose the team whose job was to assemble the content for the CD and get the whole thing running somehow stumbled upon the Fun Seeker’s Guide that was on some hard disk or tape along with the Space Quest stuff they were really looking for. Since they found it funny and it was loosely connected to Space Quest (because Oldfield had done it) and there was some space left on the CD anyway, they threw it in. Just guessing, though.