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Thanks for the recommendation; that’s actually my site 🙂 and I post here at SierraGamers every now and then.
Though the site also has frames, so here’s the proper link for easier navigation: 

And here are these collector’s check lists related to f.ex. adventure/RPG vintage game collecting, including Sierra (Lucas, Tolkien, Ultima, AD&D, SSI, etc.): 

The site’s under constant development.

As seen there I try to list every single release and variation of Sierra-games, progs, catalogs, hint books and related material as a brief “collector’s check list” with mini pictures.
Links lead to bigger scans of the stuff in my own collection.
(Though many scans, both front and back, are still missing from what I have in my collection or are on their way.)

New variations of Sierra game and other releases come up often and there surely are unbelievable amount of them.
So if you happen to know or have seen anything not mentioned at my collecting lists, I’m always more than interested to hear about it.
And if you have a box scan or other picture that I’m missing, the better. Thanks.