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Yeah, I’ve been noting the ‘release dates’ based on the INT. #’s too.
In fact, I’ve made it a sub-hobby of mine in addition to collecting the
games, to archive all the different versions of a given game.

For example, there’s Quest for Glory 2 with the following INT numbers:

10.31.90, 11.20.90, and 12.7.90 — I guess they wanted to get all the
bugs out before Christmas! 😉 Another thing to note is all versions
were on the mountain labels except 12.7.90, which was on the rainbow
ones. But label discussion is for another thread!

I think I mentioned in another thread that there are multiple ver/int
numbers of KQ4, including an SCI version on nine disks instead of

9 Disk = Ver 1.000.111 Int # 0.000.247

8 Disk = Ver 1.006.003 Int # 0.000.502

OH!! And what’s the deal with SIERRA’S TIES TO SEPTEMBER 11?

Both Leisure Suit Larry 5 and the Sierra/Dynamix Coming Attractions
Demo Disk have INT numbers of 9.11.91…. ten years before terror
struck the world [trade center]!!

Kind of ironic that Larry’s plane encounters trouble on the final landing, no?

Also, Gobliins: 9.11.92


P.S. WOW! This topic is 3 years old. I guess I sorted in the wrong direction! :p