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(re: Release Dates) Ken, I’m surprised you don’t have archived records of these sorts of things. Oh well. I suppose, like everything else, if you did they’d be in a box somewhere. Alright, Sierra fan party at Ken’s house 🙂
All Sierra disks have a bunch of stuff on them, including I think a release date! Is this true? It might be more accurate than the copyright date. The disks have a version # and what is called an “int#”. Now, on the earliest Sierra games it says “interpreter #” and it looks like the version of the AGI or SCI interpreter, but on later games the format looks like a release date to me. Anyway, I’ll post the ones I have here, and I will be adding more too (and I’ll indicate when I’m done). Maybe this will help the list. Compare to what you have and see if these are anywhere close to the dates you have. It could still relate to the interpreter version, and that could be months or days behind the actual release date.
Freddy Pharkas ver # 1.0, int # 4.16.93 QFG2 ver # 1.105, int # 12.7.90 KQ5 ver # 0.000.062, int # 2.1.91 KQ6 ver # 1.0, int # 9.28.92 SQ1 VGA ver # 2.0, int # 8.20.91 SQ5 ver # 1.0, int # 2.5.93