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So, is the re-built house still there? Still owned by John? When I was in California earlier this year, I thought about taking a little
side-trip to Coarsegold and looking for the famed ”Roberta Williams House” and maybe stopping by to ask for a tour. Being that the plan seemed creepy and that Coarsegold was about 3 hours away, I passed.

If I could buy the house, I would SO totally turn it into a museum and give tours like they do of the Hemmingway House! It would be cool taking a tour group through there, ‘This is the actual table where King’s Quest was written’ and ‘This is the kitchen where Roberta cooked a roast duck casserole which gave her the idea for Mixed Up Mother Goose’ 🙂

Is that the same house pictured in the Tenth Anniversary catalog where Roberta is sitting in a chair with the dog? There’s also one in the 1991 catalog of her out on the deck with a mist hovering over the lake.