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When I get a new game on floppy, 5 1/4″ or 3 1/2″, I immediately copy the contents to hard drive and make ZIP archives of them. I will also check if there the disks have lables (software, not printed) and include that in the ZIP file name. For multiple disks I will copy the contents of each disk to its own folder and ZIP all folders into a single file. This way, I can recreate any of these disks as well as to check that there are no corrupted files (you will not be able to copy a file if it is corruped.) It is best to make a copy on some other media than floppy as  data on a floppy is so vulnerable. I burn all of these archives onto CD, even multiple copies, each on different discs. I can also archive any relevant patches/updates or PDFs, etc. that I have made of manuals with these ZIPs.