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Dear Steve,

The same thing happened to me when I was younger. When my family brought our first computer, my father wanted me to play a game called King’s Quest I to improve my english.

My parents couldn’t believe how fast I learned a new language (I’m living in Montreal, a french speaking city in Canada) and how much energy and time I spent into the game. Everyday after school, I was so anxious to go back in the world of King Graham and to find out the magic involving around. I don’t remember how many times did I played King’s Quest but I remember the pleasure of reading and learning the legends and fairy tales. King’s Quest, Space Quest, Gold Rush, Quest for Glory, Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight and company became a big part of my growing up as a very curious teenager. I played all Sierra’s Games and I wasn’t disappointed everytime.

Now, I miss Sierra’s games so much… I wished that the current Sierra company could make a compilation of all the Sierra games in a CD-ROM. I want to play those games again and go back in time so I can feel the magic again.

Since the sale of Sierra, no game (but Dark Age of Camelot) hasn’t impressed me as the adventure games of Sierra. I miss King’s Quest magic, Space Quest’s craziness, Larry’s jokes, Gabriel Knight’s mysteries and so forth.

Thanks to Sierra !