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At last a place to praise the great ones of old.

From when I was around 8 years old, up until my early twenties, Sierra games were the ultimate form of entertainment to me.

When asked what my favorite book was, I always answered Gabriel Knight : Sins of the fathers. I know, it is not a book, but it is richer than any book I’ve read.

Theses games make your mind travel like nothing else.

To this day I cannot believe I experienced all of these emotions in a game. And now I have to get used to simplistic predictable stories, games with no real interaction between characters, and no memorable characters to converse with.

Sierra games felt special. They had almost a home-made quality to it…you could feel the love that was put into it. 🙂

I have noticed that there are not many companies who have deeply touched the soul of their customers the way Sierra did.

The boxes were awesome. The anticipation before booting up a Sierra game is a feeling I have yet to experience with something else.

These are just some thoughts, friends.

!Simon Love