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I guess I owe a lot to Sierra games, Ken and Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, and those two loveable guys from Andromeda (I swear, I can never keep their names straight. 🙁 ).

In 1984 (maybe 85), my parents got a brand new computer…A Tandy 1000 SX. It was a considerable leap up from our Co-Co II, or so my parents said…I was 4. Still, they had planned on getting several games for the computer: some adventure game, a helicopter attack game, an olympic sports game, and a football game. Me, being the football nut I was back then, didn’t pay any attention to the rest of the list. Every single day, I ran downstairs to the computer room to see if the games had arrived. Usually, I ended up disappointed. Finally, one day I went down stairs to see this man, walking around a field. “Is this the football game?” I asked. Sadly, my parents explained to me it was a game called “King’s Quest.” I don’t know whether I determined right then or maybe later, but I knew from this game, I wanted to get into programming.

Course, now that I am, I need to re-evaluate my gratitude statement. Thanks for headaches, lost sleep, and the many lumps and bruises on my head from repeated bashings into my desk. XD