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(re: Kings Quest 4 AGI etc..) Yeah… I also meant to say it’s because of the type of games today… you think of a “stategy guide” as a level-by-level walkthrough of today’s FPS and combat simulation games, which is what they basically are. They tell you where all the hidden levels and power-ups etc are and how to beat major bosses etc…
I never had any hintbooks when I was playing Sierra’s games growing up… and no internet access of course and limited BBS access, which was a good thing, because then the solution was not at your fingertips for looking it up. It wasn’t until after I had beaten many of the games that I found a program called sdox.exe (Sierra documents) which had hints for a great number of Sierra games, and I used that program to play through some adventures I hadn’t played at first. A great program – but you may have trouble running it on new computers, it may refuse to run at all. Basically just a program containing a bunch of text files about the games sorted by game series, game, and then area of the game, with the program acting as a viewer interface. A very interesting little thing, since you can also open the .exe file with winzip, and you’ll see a bunch of gibberish *.cmp files but the names are the game names.

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